The Black Rock Pilates Studio offers a comfortable, bright, beautiful space for private Pilates sessions.

Private sessions are recommended for those who are just starting their Pilates journey or those with physical limitations such as back issues, osteoporosis, etc. Private sessions are also great for anyone looking for individualized attention.

We offer 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions (workout time is 25, 40 and 55 minutes correspondingly).  Private sessions are by appointment only.

All private sessions are booked by phone or email. 

Please provide us with your availability and your fitness goals. or 203-335-1987.


The Black Rock Pilates Studio is a teaching studio, therefore we offer sessions with teachers at various stages of their training.

Apprentice Sessions

An apprentice teacher has completed course work and is working towards completion of required teaching hours.

1 Hour Private Session - $50

1 Hour Duet Session - $30

Post-Apprentice Sessions 

A teacher who has competed course work and required teaching hours for Mat and Reformer only.

1 Hour Private Session - $65

1 Hour Duet Session - $35

Private Session Rates

Introductory Special!

Each new client is entitled to (3) one-hour Private Sessions for $65 + tax per session.

These introductory sessions allow our clients to become familiar with the basic practice of Pilates. If your goal is to join group classes, this is the best place for you to start. 

One Hour Sessions

1 Private Session - $90

5 Private Sessions - $412.50 ($82.50 each)

10 Private Sessions - $800 ($80 each)

20 Private Sessions - $1,500 ($75 each)

30 Private Sessions - $2,175 ($72.50 each)