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Improved Physical Conditioning at Bridgeport's oldest Pilates Studio - by  Kelly Church
(Dec 2016)

"It was a comprehensive class in a friendly and comfortable environment."

"My experience while working with Laura has been life-changing. I started about 8 months ago, while recovering from a spinal fracture, and having chronically achy knees. I am now pain free, stronger than I have ever been, and so grateful to Laura for her patience, wisdom, detailed attention to all my discomforts, and immediate adjustments to insure my continued recovery. The studio staff is lovely, friendly, professional and a pleasure to work with. Kudos to all at Black Rock Pilates!"

"Provided much needed conditioning for lower back and core."

"All levels can participate, and get what they need from it. The instructor always watches your form so you don't get injured. I have an existing knee injury and they always modify the exercise for me so I feel NO pain!"

"... what I value most about Black Rock Pilates is the welcoming environment and the real sense of community that exists. I have been participating in programs at Black Rock Pilates for over 6 years now and the instructors all remain familiar, encouraging and supportive. At Black Rock Pilates, I learn about the practice of Pilates but also become connected with a variety of other health, wellness and community-related programs."

"My visits with Laura were so helpful during radiation treatment. I had done weeks of PT to get the flexibility I needed to get my arm over my head just to undergo radiation treatments, and Pilates helped me maintain my range of motion. Most importantly, however, was how working with Laura made me feel. Having cancer made me feel like my body had betrayed me. Pilates helped me get re-introduced to my body in a positive way, and that was priceless." - Meg S.

Participants in a fundraiser class for
the Norma P. Phriem Breast Cancer Center

"It doesn't matter if you go everyday to The Studio or every few months; you are automatically part of the family. The staff is always upbeat and positive but also understanding and caring. You can tell that the staff enjoys their jobs and genuinely likes one another and the clients."

"Every time I leave class I feel like I have given myself a great gift."

"I feel myself getting stronger and it inspires me to get even more exercise".